The Importance of Losing Weight When You Have Type 2 Diabetes

You’ve received the diagnosis, and you have type 2 diabetes. Before you resign yourself to a lifelong battle against this chronic condition, consider this: You can take the teeth out of this disease, and maybe even reverse it, through losing weight.

Here at Crossroads Family Medicine, our goal is that all of our patients in Campbellsville, Kentucky, stay one step ahead of their health through great preventive care, as well as comprehensive disease management. When it comes to type 2 diabetes, there are a number of things you can do to lessen the impact of the disease on your health, with weight loss leading the charge.

In fact, if you were to choose only one tool in your battle against type 2 diabetes, weight loss would be your best choice. Here’s why.

The road to type 2 diabetes

Diabetes affects over 30 million adults in the United States, and each year, 1.5 million people are newly diagnosed with the disease. Of these diagnoses, a full 95% are type 2 diabetes. One of the main drivers of these large numbers is the 84+ million people who are considered to be prediabetic, a condition that is the last stop before crossing over into full-blown diabetes.

And the main culprit behind the large number of people who are either on the brink of diabetes or who are diagnosed with the condition, is weight, with inactivity coming in a distant second. To illustrate this point, here are some more numbers: Among those who have type 2 diabetes, more than 87% fall into overweight or obese categories, and 41% are inactive.

If you consider one final number — more than one-third of the population in the U.S. is considered to be overweight or obese — you begin to see the undeniable link between weight issues and type 2 diabetes.

The weight issue

If you’ve crossed over from prediabetic to diabetic, now is not the time to throw in the towel and surrender yourself to the disease. In fact, it’s more important than ever that you take charge and start a weight loss program to avoid the serious complications that come with a diabetes diagnosis.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that’s known for its degenerative effects on your body, from your nervous system to your cardiovascular health. Because your body has built up a resistance to insulin, your circulatory system is severely compromised because of high glucose levels that lead to plaque build-up in your blood vessels. This build-up begins to take its toll on almost every part of your body, destroying nerves in your extremities and even affecting your eyesight.

Now imagine that you relieve some of the burden on your circulatory system by losing weight and cutting back on sugars and fats that end up clogging your bloodstream. Losing weight is the single most important thing you can do to improve your life with type 2 diabetes because it greatly slows down the progression of the disease, even halting it if you make great strides in your weight loss.

In fact, diabetes was long thought to be a life sentence, but recent studies show that type 2 diabetes might be reversed with a drastic change in diet. One research project tested 30 people with both short-term and long-term type 2 diabetes. The results, which were reported by the American Diabetes Association, showed that a “robust and sustainable weight loss program reversed diabetes for at least 6 months in 40% of subjects (and in 60% of subjects with short-duration diabetes).

We find these numbers extremely encouraging, which has prompted us to redouble our efforts to help our patients with type 2 diabetes lose weight through better diet and exercise. Even if we’re unable to reverse your diagnose, we can greatly reduce the effects that diabetes can have on your health, allowing you to lead a happy and active life long into the future.

Losing to win

We know that losing weight is easier said than done, which is why offer medically guided weight loss programs. Through tailored plans that meet your lifestyle and weight loss goals, we can help you lose the weight and keep it off through dietary changes, lifestyle changes, supplements, and medications, where needed, to give you the boost you need.

If you want to take charge of your type 2 diabetes, please give us a call so we can get started on your weight loss. You can also request a consultation by filling out the form found on this website.

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