How SculpSure Works to Change Your Body for the Better

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You’ve dieted. You’ve exercised. And you’re still struggling with “problem areas” of stubborn body fat that just won’t budge. Few things are as discouraging as devoting months of your time and energy to losing weight, only to be left with areas of clingy fat that cover up your sleeker contours. There was a time not that long ago when liposuction surgery was the only way to once and for all get rid of excess fat. But even though it may be effective, liposuction is still surgery, and like any surgery, it involves certain risks, like infection, bleeding, and tissue damage. Plus, it’s costly and recovery can be time-consuming and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, today there are nonsurgical, noninvasive options. At Crossroads Family Medicine, we help men and women get rid of stubborn fat and reveal their sleeker, sexier contours with SculpSure®, a state-of-the-art body sculpting system that eliminates fat without surgery. Here’s how SculpSure works to change your body for the better.

The science behind SculpSure

SculpSure uses laser energy to literally melt away unwanted fat, a process called laser lipolysis. During a SculpSure treatment, the patented delivery system emits precise amounts of laser energy that painlessly penetrates your skin, right to the deeper layers where fat cells like to “hide.” The laser energy is completely adjustable, making it customizable and effective for every patient.

The energy emitted from the SculpSure applicator is highly attracted to fat cells, which means those cells absorb most of the energy while the surrounding tissues are unaffected by the laser. As each fat cell absorbs more and more laser energy, the cell walls heat up and eventually dissolve, releasing their contents and essentially liquefying the fat. Over the next few weeks, your body metabolizes the fatty debris, carrying it away and eventually eliminating it from your body.

During and after treatment

SculpSure treatments are performed right here in our office, and most sessions take between a half hour and an hour. SculpSure uses a patented “belt” system to secure the applicator over the target area, helping to ensure accurate and consistent delivery of the laser energy for smooth results. The applicator features cooling technology to keep your skin comfortable throughout your treatment.

The FDA has approved SculpSure for treating stubborn fat in the belly, flanks, and upper abdomen regions, as well as treatment of excess fat under your chin (also called submental fat). During your SculpSure treatment, you’ll recline comfortably while the SculpSure applicator does all the work. You can read, text and surf the web or just take a nap. As the laser energy penetrates your skin, you’ll feel alternating waves of heat and cool that many people liken to a hot stone massage.

Once your treatment is over, you’ll be able to go back to your regular routines — there’s no downtime. You might have some minor stiffness or tenderness in the treatment area and your skin may be slightly pinkish, but those effects will soon resolve. Since SculpSure uses your own body’s natural “waste disposal” processes to get rid of the leftover fatty debris, it will be a few weeks before you start to see results and about three to four months before your final results are visible. Just like liposuction surgery, SculpSure gets rid of fat cells for good. Of course, you can still gain weight in other areas of your body, including areas adjacent to the treatment zone. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly should still be a part of your lifestyle in order to preserve your results (and also for the benefits for your overall health).

Fat loss without surgery

No surgery, no bleeding, no scars, and no hefty price tag — plus, your results can be more consistent and smoother compared to liposuction. There’s no recovery time and fat cells are gone for good. What’s not to love about SculpSure? Ready to learn how SculpSure treatments at Crossroads Family Medicine can help your body look slimmer, sleeker, and more toned? Book an appointment online today.

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