5 Reasons Osteopathic Manipulation May Help You

Osteopathic manipulation is a hands-on approach to patient care. Doctors who perform this type of treatment manipulate the joints, muscles, and connective tissues to facilitate healing and restore healthy function.

The treatment can help in a variety of clinical conditions, from alleviating mild pain to shortening surgery recovery time, and even improving asthma. People of all ages can benefit from this type of treatment.

At CrossRoads Family Medicine, our doctors use osteopathic manipulation to impart a variety of health benefits to our patients. Perhaps osteopathic manipulation could help you, too. We’ve put together this list of a few things this therapy can do to benefit your health.

1. Decreases need for medications

Although the benefits achieved from treatment vary from one person to another, some report that osteopathic care helps them so much that they can cut back on their medications.

For example, the hands-on treatment may help you function better with less pain, so you can cut back or stop your pain medications. When manipulations relieve joint misalignments and put muscle tissues at ease, swelling and inflammation may decrease, cutting back on your need for corticosteroids.

2. Improves sleep

Several studies have discovered that osteopathic manipulation can decrease insomnia and also have positive effects on sleep disorders that result from pain or stress. Hands-on manipulation treatments can promote relaxation, and you may have fewer headaches and less pain.

3. Naturally reduces pain

Adults commonly complain about lower back pain. Lower back pain negatively affects nearly 80% of people at some point in their lives. Back pain is often the result of a handful of problems: overuse, osteoarthritis, spinal damage, strains, sprains, and even merely carrying extra weight. Osteopathic manipulation can treat back pain and prevent the symptoms from worsening or returning. It also works to mobilize joints in the lower back.

4. Normalizes breathing

Studies have found that treatment may be effective for those who suffer from inflammation of the lungs and other respiratory conditions, or illnesses like pneumonia. Osteopathic manipulation can help improve your overall respiratory function by boosting your immune system and lowering inflammation.

One study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that elderly patients with pneumonia who received osteopathic manipulation had shorter hospital stays and less time on IV antibiotics.

5. Lowers muscle tension and breaks up scar tissue

Certain osteopathic techniques can target areas where there is scar tissue that causes tightness and loss of functionality. We use osteopathic manipulations to break up any scar tissue and improve blood flow to the area. The movement of the muscles and tissues also works to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid while reducing muscle tension and pain.

By breaking up scar tissue, osteopathic manipulation can further improve both your flexibility and your range of motion, protecting joints and muscles from further injuries.
If you’d like a more holistic approach to your injuries, illnesses, or aches and pains, osteopathic manipulation may be the solution. Call our office in Campbellsville, Kentucky, to book a consultation with Dr. Dixon, Dr. Graves, or Dr. Nelson to discuss your complete osteopathic treatment.

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