5 Benefits of SculpSure Over Traditional Invasive Procedures

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According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, last year doctors performed around 600,000 invasive liposuction procedures on patients, making lipo one of the top aesthetic procedures among both men and women. However, a new wave is overtaking the industry in the form of non-invasive fat reduction procedures, primarily FDA-cleared SculpSure®, which are up 24% as advanced technology demonstrates that you can get results you love without the pain, risk, and cost of more invasive procedures. Let's explore five benefits of SculpSure over invasive fat-reduction that are helping it overtake the market.

1. It's non-invasive

SculpSure utilizes targeted laser technology to melt fat under the skin. The lymphatic system then removes these damaged fat cells from the area so that they can be permanently expelled from your body through your normal body functions. In contrast, invasive procedures like liposuction require the insertion of rods and tubes into your body to melt and then suck out the fat. If you've ever watched clips from an actual procedure on a reality show, you can see how traumatic this procedure is to the body. It's no wonder that those who have invasive procedures done experience serious pain during the long recovery time.

2. No downtime

You can expect a six-week recovery time with liposuction. During this time, the body goes through various stages of bruising, fluid drainage, and pain that will require painkillers. If a person is recovering well, doctors still recommend no physical activity for three weeks. Who has three to six weeks to just stay in bed, doing nothing? Most of us have jobs, kids, and lives. In contrast, because SculpSure works with your body's natural fat removal systems, you can typically be back to normal activity the same day.

3. Less risk of complications

Any time doctors have to cut and insert tools into the body, you may suffer from infections or complications. The skin's job is to protect vital organs from bacteria and viruses. When it's opened up, it takes time to heal and this puts you at risk. In some cases, other complications may occur like:

These more serious concerns are rare even with an invasive procedure like liposuction. But with SculpSure, there are minimal risks. In fact, the FDA has cleared SculpSure for use on several areas including:

4. An affordable option that gets results

The average cost for liposuction is nearly $4000 per area, which doesn't include anesthesia, operating room, professional fees, and any follow-up costs. SculpSure® costs less than half that, doesn't require general anesthesia, can be done in the office, and needs little follow up. In society, we have a saying, "you get what you pay for" and sometimes this leads us to think that something can't be effective if it costs less, but with the technological advancements we've seen in aesthetics, you can get dramatic and very pleasing results with less pain, downtime, and minimal cost, making procedures like SculpSure available to more people. Dr. Jerome Dixon, Dr. Kevan Graves, and Dr. Troy Nelson at CrossRoads Family Medicine help you lose fat permanently and drop pounds to reveal a more contoured body you'll love. 

5. Tighter skin

Are you worried about saggy skin after a fat-reduction procedure? You've likely seen the results after people have more invasive procedures in which skin may never tighten and look smooth, but this is not the case with SculpSure. Because it is less traumatic and more aligned with the way your body normally removes fat, the skin typically shrinks down over the next 2-3 months to reveal a smooth and contoured look. It works best on individuals with a body mass index of less than 30.

Do you have stubborn pockets of fat that just won't budge? SculpSure may be the solution. Contact the practice to schedule an appointment.

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